The exposition ‘Dirty Daisies’ is a collaboration of 15 artists from Amsterdam and The Hague at the beginning of their artistic careers. The shape of the exposition and the fact it will take place outside asks for robust and playful work. Like modern sculptors the artists of ‘Dirty Daisies’ have kneaded, beaded, built and drilled and gave shape to rough materials. The big 3D works that will be on display can best be described as fast, temporary and honest.

The exposition takes place at the harbour behind the Fokkerterminal during the art fair ‘Art The Hague’. The shape of the exposition is based on a classic exposition-structure: ‘The garden’. By picking this structure up and placing it literally on the water to float, the shape becomes visible and will show itself as a work in and of itself. This is in line with the artistic practise of artist and curator of this exposition, Steef Crombach.

The artists that collaborated to create ‘Dirty Daisies’ are;
Candela Bado, Zeno Beikircher, Yair Callender, Daniel Dmyszewicz, duo Frederik en Jakob, Doris Hardeman, Josje Hattink, Bas Kaufmann, duo Koolen en van de Lande, Tobias Lengkeek, Leslie Nagel, Jeannette Slütter, Marnix van Uum and Victor Yudaev.

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